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October 04 2013


3 Tips For Writing Songs inside a Band Environment

Va Va Voom

1. Jamming out. This is probably one of the most fun approaches to write music. If the band is fantastic at improvising than the will probably come easiest. Get your band members together for any jam session. Be sure you use a recorder to help you remember what you're all playing at the moment you understand you've some song material. This method may take some time but is usually quite rewarding since every band member reaches place in their own creativity completely immediately. If you're writing a complete song, you'll probably want to have a minimum of 2 different parts otherwise 3 parts for your composition. Once you have produce one part, start with another jam to write another part. You'll usually see how the other regions come easier because they're now base off another part.

2. Stick to the lead. In each band, there is one or more member who earns some solid ideas or even two. In case there are three, that's better still. It could be a guitarist or keyboardist who is available in using a riff or two, or perhaps a bassist who comes in with some groovy basslines. It could be a drummer (although I've seen the latter more regularly) who brings some very nice drum patterns and changes to the table. When a member has a part or parts to some song, it's helpful to jam in the market to it and also have the others write their parts around that theme or groove. This can be a bit easier than the jamming out method because there is already something solid to groove on.

Va Va Voom

3. Overdubbing. This really is another way I've seen used. I've used this technique as well. The whole process of this usually starts off with some general improvised and is also constructed from ground-up. For example, part one from the writing process will include only a drum and bass groove. After the rhythm section may be established, a guitarist will have and record to the rhythm track. Following the guitarist, the keyboardist will hop on and record his groove on top of the track and so forth. This can be much like the previous method however it allows each musician more time to think since the parts prior to his are now being laid down. This obviously is most effective when all individuals this rock band have been in the studio together as well as the overdubbing process happens over the length of a couple of hours.

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